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About Us

Welcome to the home of 360 Tactical Concept, Inc. Our company main mission is “Safety of Life is the Main Concept 360 Degrees Around us” we specialize in providing complete personal safety training, consultant services, Personal Security training and Law Enforcement training to individual students in private, corporate and industrial clients, both large and small.

360 Tactical Concepts, Inc. is operated as a sole proprietorship with the exclusive owner of the business being Sho-Ron Hendrix. We are accredited licensed and insured business and have been providing consulting services and certification classes and programs throughout South Florida communities for the last 10 years. The services provided by 360 Tactical Concept ranges from educational classes in CPR/AED, First Aid, Hazmat safety, Law Enforcement, Personal Security, Civilian Life Skills, and Personal Defense for any individuals 18 year & up.

360 Tactical Concept, Inc offers educational law enforcement training classes along with CPR and First Aid certification to students for personal or work needs. Students will be offered a dynamic place to gather and learn all levels of training in a state-of-the-art fully computerized air condition faculty.

The lessons will be administered in a classroom setting. To help students enhance the quality of their education in learning the fundamentals of Law Enforcement protection and Life Saving Sills. 360 Tactical Concept, Inc also provide security class D & G licenses for civilians that want to have a career as a security guard. Course is also offered for Law Enforcement ranging from patrol riffle, precision rifle, tactical pistol, shotgun, and baton & handcuffing.

This is an equal opportunity establishment, not discriminating against nationality, gender, race, disability or religion. By offering these courses will help civilians and local Law Enforcement with firearm training and Life Safety skills to help make the communities of South Florida safer.

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